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Get Your Cash Today!

Are you short on cash?

Need to sell something? are you short on money? Have some bills that are coming up? Perhaps you have thought about selling some items that do not use. Maybe your car broke down and you need extra money for repairs. Regardless of your cash needs, we are here to help you. Simply visit any of our Pawn Shop locations in Orlando with your second-hand items to sell. And see how much you can cash in on today!

How Does Selling Items to Latin American Pawn Shop Work?

Bring In Your Items

You want to sell your TVs, electronics, power tools, collectibles, vehicles, boats, Jets Ski, jewelry, motorcycles and Luxury watches. All this can be brought and evaluated by our expert staff.

We Evaluate Your Items

Our staff will make an evaluation of the items you want to sell, taking into account factors such as wear, authenticity, availability in the market, etc.

Get Paid For Your Items

Once our experts provide an assessment of the items you want to sell. If you agree, you get the cash, it’s that simple!

What Type of Items Can I Sell To A Pawn Shop?

You can use any of the following items to request a loan in “Latin American Pawn”.

That’s right, drive your car or truck on in and speak to one of our representatives about getting cash for that pre-owned vehicle.

Looking to sell that TV? No problem we take in all of the major brands including Samsung, LG, Visio, Toshiba, and more. Bring it on in and walk out with some cash.

Yes, that’s right you can sail on over and have us look at that boat, jet ski, or any other watercraft you are looking to sell.

Old jewelry collecting dust? Bring it on in and one of our staff members will get you values and cash on the spot.

Getting new appliances? Old ones still in good condition? Give us a call and talk with one of our team members about getting you cash for that appliance today.

If you can’t remember the last time you used that garage full of home and garden tools, give us a call and see how much green you can grab today.

Possibly you have old furniture or you just want to earn some money for those old dolls in the attic. Then go down and see how much they are worth.

Haven’t played that instrument in years? Your wife won’t let you get the band back together? Well, at least you can get some cash for that guitar, saxophone or drum set.

Just got that new gaming system? Just scored a new laptop or tablet? Before you let the old ones collect dust, give us a call and see how much cash you can collect today.